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In today’s’ ICT-high tech business models “after sales services” are playing a more and more prominent role in the success of companies.Depending on how companies are structured , they can easily achieve 20% of their revenues and 35% of their margins by a more focused approach on after sales services. There is an enormous potential for companies to grow in this area.

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 Working capital is often lost in activities within and between an organisations supply chain processes. Internal inefficiencies, distort processes and lack of visibility within an organisation can lead to extended cycle times, increased stock levels and a negative impact on working capital. Often these gaps are not identified within a supply chain and it’s partners and a firm’s cash is tied up in operations and unavailable for other activities. Read more


In times of high economical activity, 3PL´s tend to focus on business development and the set up of new operations. Typically short implementation lead times are requested for these new operations and thus very often base solutions are implemented. As an end result, the customer is served but the operation is not always able to work in an optimal or productive way. On the other hand, in times of economical crisis, the need for cost cutting within an operation becomes just as apparent. Read more


innoChain offers cross-market supply chain services for Industry and Logistics Service providers. In this role we act as a partner and conduit between the industry and service provider markets, offering total (re)-engineering within the entire supply chain. Read more