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Clients & Cases

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Since the start up of innoChain we have been involved in and contracted for many diverse and exciting projects and opportunities. Our old clients and cases page did not do this justice … select the new clients & cases link and experience how innoChain can innoVate your business! Click here: Our clients & cases


Practical Reverse Logistics - Kluwer Training Announcement

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Want to discover?:

  • How to effeciently and practically organise and implement tangible improvements within your reverse logistics?
  • A new trend that is growing in popularity, but that is still lacking in familiarity in businesses?
  • An opportunity to reduce costs in times of economical crisis?

Register to the new Kluwer Training: ‘Practical Reverse Logistics’, with Camiel Vennekens (Managing Partner innoChain) as guest speaker on ‘The roll of the Logistic Services Provider in an After-Sales offering’.

Link to Kluwer ‘Practical Reverse Logistics’ registration: http://www.klu.be/OpenOpleiding.aspx?Projectcode=REVLONB

Reverse Logistics - Warehouse & Logistics Survey

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

New Market Approach required for Logistics Service Providers …

Reverse Logistics and After Sales Management are two domains for which the need for new logistics services is growing at an explosive rate. More and more shippers are looking for specialised logistics service providers to take these complex movements out of their hands. Due to the fact that forward and backward flows fundamentally differ from one another, a totally new market approach is needed.

Select this link to read more on this topic in the Reverse Logistics Survey published in Warehouse & Logistics issue 39: Article is in Dutch

Reverse Logistics for 3PL

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

The Reverse Logistics for 3PL handbook is out now!

The Reverse Logistics for 3PL handbook will guide a service provider through the process of installing a Reverse Logistics Business Unit - from beginning to end, including market positioning, product definition, price setting and practical implementation.

Get your copy now!

For more information or to order the handbook visit the VIL - Flemish Institute for Logistics - website: www.vil.be or select the following link: http://www.vil.be/webshop/Default.aspx

Coming to an end …

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

Last Year in August , InnoChain was invited by the Flemish institute of Logistics (www.vil.be) to write a practical guideline that would help a logistics service provider to set up a reverse logistics service offering within their organisation.

A handbook was developed by the InnoChain team and periodically reviewed by a team of industry leaders. The final version of the handbook was approved by the VIL steering committee during a round table session.

Last month a joint presentation was organized in Antwerp by speakers of the VIL, InnoChain and Parts Express for an audience of industry experts. You will find the presentation at the link below. We welcome your questions and/or remarks on the topis, at anytime. Your inputs and experiences in the world of reverse logistics and after-sales business are highly appreciated.

The handbook is currently at the editors and will be officially released at the next VIL “ Reverse Logistics seminar” which is scheduled for the September timeframe.

Click here to download the Innochain presentation “Reverse Logistics”