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Monday, December 7th, 2009

Since the start up of innoChain we have been involved in and contracted for many diverse and exciting projects and opportunities. Our old clients and cases page did not do this justice … select the new clients & cases link and experience how innoChain can innoVate your business! Click here: Our clients & cases


Operational Profitability

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

In times of high economical activity, 3PL´s tend to focus on business development and the set up of new operations. Typically short implementation lead times are requested for these new operations and thus very often base solutions are implemented. As an end result, the customer is served but the operation is not always able to work in an optimal or productive way.

Once the operation is up and running it becomes visible that costs are too high. Less visible is where exactly the money is lost. Most of the logistic partners on the market today do know IF they are profitable or not. But most of them do not know exactly WHERE within their operations profit or loss is made.
innoChain cvba has great experience in assessing processes and operations and is a master in measuring productivity, profit and loss and forecast accuracy using standard tools. Our methodology allows us to analyze your operations and pinpoint exactly where the operation is less productive and thus working at a loss. The intelligence is imbedded in the setup within our tool and the process and selection of how and what to measure.

First Results: Two weeks after commencing an analysis and assessment we will be able to show the first results of the productivity exercise. Within 1 month the complete tool is fully operational and imbedded in your day-to-day operations.

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A reaction of Karine Van Loo Operation Manager in DSV-Nestle Brussels using the innoChain productivity tool:
We use innoChain´s productivity tool daily. On the one hand we measure our internal productivity, but on the other we also use the tool for short term manpower planning and longer term constraint calculations. (For example Material Handling Equipment requirements). Additional built in features include basic invoicing, forecast accuracy, and online (daily) profit and loss figures.
It´s  a great tool to work with, giving us a perfect view where we are and exactly when and where we need to adjust our operations.  A real management tool that helps us to run our day-to-day and long term business.
Filip big thanks again for your great help!